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Rear View Mirror – My Week In Review

This post you are reading right now, this very post, is my 1,000th on Waldina.com. It just happened that it turned out to be on the Sunday Week in Review day. I would like to thank everyone that reads, responds, likes, re-blogs, shares Waldina. I started this blog to chronicle the people/places/things that inspire me to be a better person and I hope along the way I have shared something that has inspired others. I know that I have been inspired by the readers and fellow bloggers. I hope to keep the daily post going and once again, thank you!!!

Sometimes, you search Google Images with the key words “Grenade Stencil” and save some of the photos to a file and come across them later and have no idea why you saved them, but know that they will work great for the free-form Sunday Weekly Wrap Up post.

I work today and the Superbowl is today.  My goal is to take photos of my entire team lying down in the middle of 5th Avenue because downtown will be a ghost town.  I’ll do a series of Abandoned Seattle today.

This week, we watched the Miley Cyrus Unplugged special on MTV and officially became #TeamMiley.  (Spoiler Alert:  Madonna is there)  We also noticed that the commercials on MTV are a lot different than the ones on the channel we usually watch:  HGTV.  For example, on MTV, there is a commercial for Trojan Condomswhere a kid gives his dad a rubber as he is leaving the house to go on a date.  Meanwhile, over on HGTV, there are commercials for Poise Pads for ladies of a certain age that tinkle a little when they sneeze.  Very different audiences.

This week, a tuxedo I sold was worn at the Grammys. This week, everyone at work decided I was letting my hair grow longer.

This week on Waldina, I celebrated the birthdays of Clark GableCarol Channing,Tallulah BankheadJackson Pollock and Mozart. I also added a new film to the “Required Viewing” series: Sunset Boulevard.

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Most Popular Post This WeekHappy Birthday Carol Channing

This wee at Wasp & Pear on Tumblr, I posted vintage photographs of Hollywood, Seattle and New York; celebrated the birthdays of Langston Hughes, Normal Mailer,Anton Chekhov, Thomas Paine and W.C. Fields; quoted Stephen King and Nick Wooster; archived the art of Le Corbusier, Nagel and Bernard Perlin.

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Posts This Week: 37
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Most Popular Post of This WeekWest Side Story: Original Broadway Cast Album

This week at @TheRealSPA on Twitter, I seemed to tweet a lot about the Miley Cyrus Unplugged performance on MTV and for the record, I am #TeamMiley. I also got in a tweet-versation with @Eat24 and some of the fellow followers that love @Eat24.

The Stats:

Total Tweets: 649
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Most Popular Tweet of This Week:  ”it took me longer to write this tweet than it did to order a pizza from the @eat24 app. how am I not 1000 lbs?”

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